Ball Soccer Field

Division Commissioners

Parents, please first contact your child’s coach for any team-related questions. If you don’t know the name of your child’s coach or they cannot give you the information you need, then contact the Division Commissioner for your child’s school grade.

Girls Division

U9 Girls (3rd Grade)Katie Schwarz
U10 Girls (4th Grade)Sarah Winters
U12 Girls (5-6th Grade)Ling (Emily) Zeng

Boys Division

U7 Boys (1st Grade)Derek Hornsby
U6 Boys (Kindergarten)MatthewPeahl
U8 Boys (2nd Grade)JohnRoberts
U10 Boys (4th Grade)JasonStarr
U12 Boys (5-6th Grade)Michael Schwarz

CO-ED Division

U5 Co-Ed (Pre-Kindergarten)
U14 Co-Ed (7-8th Grade)
U19 Co-Ed (9-12 Grade)Magda