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Thank you for volunteering as a referee for AYSO. Your role is crucial at each and every game and we truly appreciate your efforts. The information provided below is applicable to all levels of referees.

Click here for 10 reasons why you should volunteer to become an AYSO Referee.

Spring 2015 Training Dates

How to sign up for an AYSO Referee training course in advance:

1. Log into

2. Place mouse cursor over My eAYSO menu [blue bar at top of page]

3. Click Course Sign Up

4. Enter eAYSO Roster #


Search criteria using drop down pick lists

        a) State IL

        b) Section 6

        c) Area C

5. Click Search

6. Use radio button to select course to register

7. Click Course Sign Up

8. Use radio button to select your volunteer record

9. Click Add attendee to program roster

10. Added successfully message will appear at top of page

11. Log out

Please refer to the Goal Safety check list and the Field Inspection hazard list documents.

Click here for the FIFA laws.  Click here for the FIFA laws (Spanish version).
For Referee Training Outside of Region 210 or Have Questions? 

Contact the Regional Referee Administrator at